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Unicorn Meaning and Symbolism

by Lisa Marcy December 22, 2019 1 min read

unicorn meaning and symbolism

Unicorn symbolism : miracle, magic and enchantment

The unicorn is definitely the most fascinating of all mystical creatures. Indeed, it symbolizes miracles, magic, enchantment, innocence and purity.

This magical animal rarely makes an appearance and can bring miracles, wisdom and magic to those with a pure heart.

A symbol of purity

To announce its presence, the unicorn makes a slight tinkling sound with tiny bells.

Since chimes and bells symbolize the presence of the deity, the sound that announces the unicorn's arrival remind us that we are surrounded by magical spirit. This sound enhances the feeling and emotion of purity of heart.

A divine creature

To kill a unicorn is like destroying the divine image of perfection, wonder and purity. This act leaves a huge karmic debt to the person responsible for it.

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