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FREE: Unicorn Donut Coloring Page

by Lisa Marcy February 23, 2020 2 min read

unicorn donut coloring page

Unicorn + Donuts = Love

Are you looking for the cutest unicorn eating donuts coloring page to download?

Yes, your favorite creature enjoy the sugary delicacy as much as you or your kids do. Because sincerely, who can resist it?

What if you used your artistic skills on this free coloring to relieve your stress...

Or to enjoy a great time with your kids.

Why coloring is a great activity for your brain?

Focusing on a single activity like coloring breaks the zapping we are subjected to for a large part of the day. As a bonus, it makes other areas of the brain work and therefore improve it.

You can download our printable coloring page for free (.pdf). The file is safe to download.

unicorn donut coloring page

Click here to download

Find real relaxation and enjoy of course!

Where did the doughnut hole come from?

The doughnut, ancestor of the donut, came from Europe. From where exactly? It's hard to say for sure, maybe England, maybe the Scandinavian countries, but more likely Holland.

They ate balls of leavened dough, as big as walnuts and fried in animal fat: these sweets were called "olykoeks", that is to say "oil cakes".

Immigrants from the Netherlands had to give them as gifts to their host country. And so, somewhere around Manhattan, the "olykoek" became the "donut", literally the nut of the dough.

But that's not the point. As with Swiss cheese, the burning question is: who invented the hole? One name comes up in all the encyclopaedias of the kitchen, that of a ship captain, Hanson Gregory, whose mother, Elizabeth, made doughnuts.

Hanson is said to have gotten into the habit of punching them, in the middle of the 19th century, to give them their legendary shape.

Why? Where did he come up with this genius idea? The most sordid hypothesis points to his avarice. Gregory would have pierced the doughnuts so that they would require less raw material and therefore cost less.

But it is also said that Gregory only wanted to hold this cake more easily between his fingers while manoeuvring his ship. So he had the idea of sticking his thumb into it.

Finally, according to a related story, Gregory ate his doughnut in the middle of a storm. But it slipped out of his hands and impaled itself on a rudder handle. Unfortunately, no unicorns helped him!

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